Arboricultural Impact Assessments

When a site is redeveloped, trees already growing on that site may be damaged in various ways during the construction process. This may be physical damage inflicted by machinery or vehiclesConstruction works much too close to existing tree. The tree will probably die as a resultstriking branches or other parts of the trees. Or damage may be due to passage of machines or inappropriate storage of building materials causing compaction of the ground surrounding the trees. Soil compaction has a detrimental effect on the health of the trees. Following on from a development site survey, an arboricultural impact assessment will assess the impact that the proposed development will have upon the retained trees. This, in addition to the potential problems caused by the construction process will consider things like changes in ground levels and installation of hard surfacing etc. The assessment will also assess the long-term impact the retained trees will have on the new development and it's occupants. This will include things like excessive shading and surface roots affecting pathways or low walls. As part of the report, recommendations will be made to mitigate the effects of the development upon the trees.